Physical Design

Resources | 21 August 2017

Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Physical Design is about transforming a circuit description into a physical layout (geometric description) which includes the position of cells and interconnections between them. In this page, I will be updating resources related to VLSI Physical design such as blog posts, books, courses, videos etc which will be useful for beginners, working professionals and enthusiasts interested in this field.

Must Reads



  • Static Timing Analysis for Nanometer Designs: A Practical ApproachJayaram Bhasker and Rakesh Chadha.
  • Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design AutomationNaveed Shervani, Kluwer Academic Publisher, Second edition.
  • Algorithm and Data Structures for VLSI DesignChristophn Meinel & Thorsten Theobold, KAP, 2002.
  • Evolutionary Algorithm for VLSIRolf Drechsheler, Second edition.
  • Algorithms for VLSI Design AutomationSabih H.Gerez, John Wiley & Sons, 2007.
  • Practical Problems in VLSI Physical Design AutomationSung Kyu Lim.
  • Constraining Designs for Synthesis and Timing Analysis A Practical Guide to Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC)Gangadharan, Sridhar, Churiwala, Sanjay.
  • Routing Congestion in VLSI Circuits - Estimation and OptimizationSaxena, Prashant, Shelar, Rupesh S., Sapatnekar, Sachin
  • The Simple Art of SoC Design Closing the Gap between RTL and ESLKeating, Synopsys Fellow, Michael
  • Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis Using Synopsys® Design Compiler™ Physical Compiler™ and PrimeTime®Bhatnagar, Himanshu


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Physical Design



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